World Congress on Innovation and Technology in Yerevan to unveil Armenia as new tech hub of global game-changers - Public Radio of Armenia (2024)

Yerevan will host the World Congress on Innovation and Technology (WCIT) 2024 on October 04-07, 2024, the Union of Advanced Technology Enterprises of Armenia (UATE) has announced.

Under the headline “THE POWER OF MIND: AI Beyond Limits, Within Ethics,” WCIT 2024/DigiTec will feature a high-level Congress program, B2B meetings, the WITSA World Cup (WWC) for scaleups, innovation showcases, business presentations, workshops, and more.

UATE is organizing WCIT 2024 in Armenia this year in a high-level partnership with DigiTec, the region’s largest annual event dedicated to innovation and technology.

The cooperation between WCIT 2024 and DigiTec showcases the high-level partnership, highlighted by the joint branding of the event, symbolizing a comprehensive approach to “The Power of Mind,” especially the Armenian human power.

WCIT 2024/DigiTec Congress will serve as a global platform to amplify the impact of information technologies, emphasizing the importance of applied sciences, investments, and presence across diverse regions and economies. Armenia, as a prominent technological hub in the region, has seen a surge in global technology companies setting up their research and development (R&D) offices and branches in recent years.

Thanks to the conference, many companies will discover the opportunities and potential to establish their scientific research centers. Moreover, it aims to underscore the pivotal role of applied sciences in fostering regional socioeconomic development through innovations and Tech solutions while also showcasing the future and advancements in technology, particularly in the realm of AI and the areas affected.

“The Republic of Armenia has announced the high-tech and ICT sector as a prior direction for the economic development of the country. In this context, we highly appreciate international technological conferences and events to be held in Armenia, as both content-wise and in terms of unveiling new opportunities for Armenia, once again emphasizing the important role of Armenia on the global technological map. I suppose WCIT2024/DigiTec will become another platform for collaboration with international partners to reveal the technological potential of Armenia worldwide,” said Mkhitar Hayrapetyan, Minister of High-Tech Industry of Armenia, said at a press conference today.

The Minister assured that the government, in the scope of its responsibilities and mandate, will support the Organizational Committee to hold a respectable event.

Armenia has firmly positioned itself as a tech hub on the global technology map. WCIT 2024/DigiTec will highlight Armenia’s technological capacity to key companies in the sector, enticing them to collaborate on academic research projects, establish branches, and develop business centers within its borders.

Armenia is honored to host the WCIT 2024/DigiTec, as it is home to tech unicorn PicsArt and many successful startups, such as Renderforest and Krisp.

Government policies, including tax incentives and R&D funding, support Armenia’s tech sector. These policies further drive innovation and have attracted international players like Synopsis, Siemens, Adobe, and Nvidia to establish R&D centers.

“We are honored to host and represent WCIT 2024/DigiTec in Armenia. Our country is being considered as a new Tech Hub and we are likely to share all this game-changing experience and expertise we have locally with our guests and participants. I am also honored to announce that for this edition of WCIT 2024, we are partnering with the largest tech and innovation event in the region – DigiTec, which is hosting thousands of tech companies from Armenia and abroad,” said Hayk Karapetyan, Executive Director of the Organizing Committee of WCIT2024//DigiTec.

The congress will offer a comprehensive agenda catering to diverse stakeholders and will attract thousands of local and international delegates. Through interactive sessions and exclusive panel discussions, attendees will gain access to the latest global ICT innovations, best practices, and cutting-edge solutions.

“WCIT is a congress that shapes the future of innovation and technologies, and Armenia, as the new tech hub is the exact location to host such a fascinating event.I am sure both Armenia and WCIT will benefit from this cooperation and the event will have its significant impact on future enhancement and promotion of technologies worldwide,” said Alexander Yesayan, President of the Union of Advanced Technology Enterprises (UATE).

Participants will have the platform to network and showcase their investment projects and ideas, paving the way for mutually beneficial partnerships with international entities and driving sustained technological leadership and innovation. All attendees will be given the opportunity to establish prospective cooperation with both Armenian and international partners.

“WITSA has high expectations for this year’s event. Armenia’s growing prominence in the global tech scene, coupled with its successful hosting of WCIT in 2019, makes it the perfect location for these important discussions. In recent years, Armenia has emerged as a hub for startups and tech companies in Central Asia and Eastern Europe. The Armenian tech ecosystem is still relatively young, but it is growing rapidly. The country has the potential to become a major player in the global tech scene in the years to come,” said Dato’ Dr. Sean Seah, Chairman of the World Innovation, Technology and Services Alliance (WITSA).

Key highlights of WCIT 2024/DigiTec include an opening ceremony with breathtaking tech solutions, captivating presentations by international and local industry leaders, and extensive opportunities for informal networking.

In 2024, the World Congress on Innovation and Technology (WCIT) and DigiTec will introduce the tech potential of Armenia and the region to the international community while providing a platform for local organizations to showcase their achievements in the field.

This year’s World Congress on Innovation and Technology will have an emphasis on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its societal impact, ethics, and future.

Experts from various fields will convene to discuss ethical innovation, human-machine collaboration, and AI regulations with global implications under the theme of “Ethics, Society, and Governance.”

Additionally, sessions on “Green AI” will explore environmentally conscious AI solutions for sustainability, while discussions on “AI in Social Media and Marketing” will address reaching marginalized consumers and enhancing marketing efficiency.

Another highlight includes “The Female Grace of AI,” advocating for gender equality and economic empowerment in the digital sphere. Furthermore, sessions will explore AI’s role in crisis response, innovative opportunities in digital innovation, and the challenges and best practices shaping AI’s future, featuring leading industry figures in panel discussions.

A dedicated platform will be allocated for managing and applying AI across various private and public domains.

WCIT 2024/DigTec will be held in partnership with the Government of the Republic of Armenia, represented by the Ministry of High-Tech Industry.

World Congress on Innovation and Technology in Yerevan to unveil Armenia as new tech hub of global game-changers - Public Radio of Armenia (2024)


How advanced is Armenia? ›

Armenia was ranked 72nd in the Global Innovation Index in 2023, down from 64th in 2019. In June 2022, the Gituzh initiative was formed by around 200 founders and 18 associations to "prioritize" modernizing Armenia's science industries.

What technology does Armenia have? ›

There are several notable business areas within the Armenian ICT realm, including: customized software, web design and development, IT services and consulting, mobile app development, chip design and testing, computer graphics and multimedia, and games.

Is Armenia a rich or poor country? ›

In Armenia, 24.8% of the population lived below the national poverty line in 2022. In Armenia, the proportion of employed population below $2.15 purchasing power parity a day in 2023 was 0.1%. For every 1,000 babies born in Armenia in 2022, 10 died before their 5th birthday.

Which country does not accept Armenia? ›

The Republic of Armenia and the Islamic Republic of Pakistan have never had formal diplomatic relations. Pakistan is the only country in the world that does not recognize Armenia as a sovereign state.

Why is Armenia so special? ›

Armenia is known for its beautiful landscapes, its cuisine, culture and history. Since Armenia was the first country to officially adopt Christianity, you can find some of the world's oldest churches and monasteries located in the extremely beautiful natural settings.

Who is the richest person in Armenia? ›

Samvel Karapetyan: With an estimated net worth of $4.4 billion, Samvel Karapetyan is considered the richest Armenian businessman. He is the founder of Tashir Group, a major real estate and construction company based in Russia. The group also has investments in the retail, hospitality, and banking sectors.

Is Armenia a well developed country? ›

Armenia is a developing country and ranks 85th on the Human Development Index (2021).

How educated is Armenia? ›

As a result, Armenia has a high literacy rate of over 99% and over 60% of adults have completed at least secondary education.

How powerful was Armenia? ›

At its zenith, from 95 to 66 BC, Greater Armenia extended its rule over parts of the Caucasus and the area that is now eastern and central Turkey, north-western Iran, Israel, Syria and Lebanon, forming the second Armenian empire. For a time, Armenia was one of the most powerful states east of Rome.

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