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3-Rail Traditional Trains

Forum for Collectors and Operators to Discuss 3-Rail O Gauge Trains

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3-Rail Tinplate Trains

Forum for Collectors and Operators to Discuss Tinplate Trains

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3-Rail Scale Model Trains

3-Rail Scale is model railroading in O scale that strives to achieve the most true-to-prototype realism possible with locomotives, rolling stock, paint schemes, scenery, operation, and other aspects of the hobby, while still using 3-rail O gauge track. This includes the use of scale (Kadee) couplers, and other modifications that make the model as close to prototypical as possible.

Last Post: Kadee Conversion - Keep or Pitch claw couplers

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2-Rail Scale Model Trains

Forum for Modelers to Discuss 2-Rail O Scale Trains

Last Post: New Project: 2 Rail MKT GP38 #302, and more...

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O Scale Narrow Gauge Forum

Do you like your rails a little closer than normal?
If you're into narrow-gauge railroading, this is your forum!

Last Post: Going to be working on comparing the Kadee On3 couplers with San Juan's Evolution couplers

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S-Scale Trains

A forum for discussing S scale (1/64th scale) trains.

Last Post: Dealers or dealer/collectors specializing in AF "S" gauge

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The "HONGZ" Forum

"HONGZ" stands for HO scale, N scale, G scale, and Z scale.
Post your non-O scale stuff here!

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Subways, trolleys and other modes of "people" transportation can be found here.

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Real Trains

Questions, discussions and news about 12-inch to the foot scale railroads.

Last Post: Rail-fanning on The OGR Forum 🚂 Welcome: Pictures YOU have taken! • Hope to see you out rail-fanning.

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Layout Building Forums

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Electrical Forum

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Scenery and Structures

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Lionel General Topics

Post your GENERAL COMMENTS and questions about our products here.

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Lionel Service Questions


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Lionel Products

See our NEW PRODUCTS here.

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Lionel Tips-n-Tricks

Check out our TIPS-n-TRICKS here.

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Lionel Delivery Schedule


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MTH Forum

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MTH General Topics

Post your GENERAL COMMENTS and questions about our products here.

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MTH Products

See our NEW PRODUCTS here.

Last Post: MTH P5a Boxcabs from 2008-did all 3 have zinc pest?

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MTH Tips-n-Tricks

Check out our TIPS-n-TRICKS here.

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MTH Delivery Schedule


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Atlas Forums

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Atlas General Topics

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Control System Forums

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Post your DCS, PS2 and PS3 comments and questions here.

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Lionel Lion Chief and other R/C Systems

Last Post: Can you run an A-A engine lash up in the LionChief app both are powered.

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DCC Forum

Last Post: Anyone running Protothrottle on 3-rail?

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Wanted to BUY

Last Post: WTB - Wiseman Model Services BS-261 O Scale/On30 Passenger Car Steam Lines

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Photo and Video Albums

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York TCA Meet Forum

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National Club News

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Last Post: LOTS Santa Fe Maxi Stack Offering August 2023

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TCA News

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Last Post: TTOS National in 2024

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Last Post: NASG web site

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Tech Support for the OGR Forum (NOT FOR TRAINS)

This is the TECH SUPPORT FOR THE OGR FORUM. Post your forum software related questions here.

This is NOT for "Tech Support" related to trains.

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The OGR On-Line Forum | O Gauge Railroading On Line Forum (2024)


Who is Eric's train? ›

Welcome to Eric's Trains! My name is Eric Siegel and this is my 3-Rail O-Gauge/O-Scale train website. My train adventure started around 1990, when I was about 14 years old and inherited my father's old postwar Lionel set.

How wide is O gauge train track? ›

A circle made of eight pieces of standard 45-degree curved O gauge track will have a 31 inches (787 mm) diameter. A circle made of 8 pieces of 45-degree curved O-27 track is smaller, with a 27 inches (686 mm) diameter. Full-sized O cars sometimes have difficulty negotiating the tighter curves of an O-27 layout.

What is the difference between standard and O gauge trains? ›

Standard Gauge refers 2.125 inch gauge track whereas O-gauge measures 1.25 inches.

Who is the train guy on insta? ›

1. Who is Francis Bourgeois? Everything you need to know about the train guy on TikTok…

What is the tightest O gauge curve? ›

O-27 is the tightest curve available and has a diameter of 27 inches. O-27 can also be used to identify the profile of the rail which is higher than scale to better accommodate the needs of model trains. The term is also sometimes applied to all trains and tracks that operate on anything other than true O scale.

How big is an O scale train engine? ›

O SCALE - (Proportion Ratio 1:48. Looking at the front of a typical O Scale train engine or boxcar, the dimensions are an average 4" High x 2.5" Wide.)

How many cars can an O scale locomotive pull? ›

Man, you can put as many cars on the trains as you want to. When the locomotive's had enough it'll tell you by slipping its drivers and not pulling at all. I put as many on as I can get away with, on my Christmas tree loops I've even gone so far as to have the caboose about a foot-and-a-half from the locomotive.

Which is better, HO or O scale trains? ›

O scale is obviously a much larger commitment—HO scale is half the size, and is one of the most popular scales due to its relatively easy entry point. Smaller scales, therefore, can be ideal for beginners, but larger scales allow you to create much more detail and realism in your layouts.

Can O gauge trains run on 027 track? ›

O and O-27 use the same width straight track so O-27 trains can run on O Gauge track and in some cases O Gauge trains can run on O-27 track. The primary difference between the track from an appearance standpoint is the height of O Gauge track compared to that of O-27.

Why does O gauge have 3 rails? ›

The use of a third rail in rail transport modelling is a technique that was once applied, in order to facilitate easier wiring. Early O gauge track pieces. All metal, with a small fibre insulating washer beneath each central rail chair.

What is the most popular train set gauge? ›

HO Scale. "HO" means "half - o;" models are half the size of O Scale. HO is the most popular scale with the greatest selection of sets and accessories, as it allows lots of railroad action in a small area. Children may need adult help to set up or take down the set.

What voltage do O gauge trains use? ›

Transformers. The three-rail O gauge toy trains sold in the United States are intended to run on approximately 5 to 20 volts of 60-cycle alternating current (AC). This is reduced from the standard 115-volt house current by a transformer.

How far apart are the rails on an O gauge track? ›

A: Put simply, O-Gauge refers to model trains that run on tracks with 1.25 inches between the outer rails. Some O-Gauge tracks have 2 rails and some have 3 rails, but in either case they are both considered O-Gauge because the distance between the 2 outer rails is 1.25 inches.

What is the width of a train track? ›

How wide are railroad tracks? The US standard railroad gauge is 4 feet, 8.5 inches (Gauge means width between the two rails). The U.S. federal safety standards allow the standard gauge to vary from 4 ft 8 in (1,420 mm) to 4 ft 9 1⁄2 in (1,460 mm) for operation up to 60 mph (97 km/h).

What is the radius of a 0 gauge track? ›

Standard O-gauge is O-31 or 31" diameter of a circle of track. Formerly their large track was O-72 so called "Super O" which was 72" diameter or 36" radius.

Is all O gauge track the same? ›

Not all O Gauge track is the same

Electric Trains produces two different O Gauge track systems, RealTrax and ScaleTrax. Lionel Trains produces several different types of O Gauge track systems, most often described as O or O-27. RealTrax, like Lionel's O is the more popular of today's O Gauge track systems.

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