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Car or Light Truck Loan


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Car or Light Truck Loan

Applies to model years 2014-2024

ProductTermAPR* (as low as)
Car or Light Truck Loanup to 48 months5.74%
Car or Light Truck Loanup to 66 months5.94%
Car or Light Truck Loanup to 72 months6.34%
Car or Light Truck Loanup to 78 months6.59%
Car or Light Truck Loanup to 84 months7.34%


Vehicle value is based on MSRP or by a source approved by us. Your APR is based on our internal credit criteria. Listed APRs assume excellent credit, a 0.500% discount for an automated payment method approved by us, a 1.00%discount for a loan-to-value (LTV) that is 115%or less, 0.50% discount for a loan-to-value (LTV) that is between 115.01-125%, 1.5% discount for a loan amount of $35,000 or more, 1.00% discount for a loan amount between $20,000-34,999.99, and 0.25% for a loan amount between $10,000 - $19,999.99.Regardless of available Discounts, 5.74% is the minimum APR offered. Minimum and maximum loan amounts apply. Ask us about other APR and longer term options. Please contact us for specific terms, rates, available discounts, and information about loans originated at dealerships that participate in Credit Union Direct Lending (CUDL).

Payment example based on a $35,000.00 loan: $817.81 at a 5.74% APR with 48 month term; $622.94 at a 5.94% APR with 66 month term; $585.68 at a 6.34% APR with 72 month term; $552.87 at a 6.59% APR with 78 month term; and $534.08 at an 7.34% APR with 84 month term. Your APR may differ based on your loan amount, loan-to-value (LTV), repayment method, and other factors.

Why car loans at VACU?

Competitive Rates

Get the same competitive rates on new or used cars.

Easy to Apply

Fast, easy application & approval process.

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Easily manage your loan within online and mobile banking.

Virginia CU Insurance Services

Get vehicle insurance through our partners.

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Go payment-free for 60 days

Enjoy that honeymoon phase with your new car and make no payments for 60 days with First-Pay Delay.

Car Loans | Virginia Credit Union (3)

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We've got a competitive-rate loan for however you adventure, whether it's with 6 wheels, 2 wheels, or zero.

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Car Loans | Virginia Credit Union (2024)
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